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A Whadif Story

I was introduced to the WhadIf concept over a fire pit in an extremely close friend’s backyard. Of course, the man introducing me to the idea was our esteemed design director. Though I barely knew him at the time, I was captivated by the ideas being put forth by this pleasantly bearded fellow. I understood at once that what he was proposing was big. Upon meeting the founder and the rest of the (unbelievable) team, I knew it would succeed.

In Los Angeles I had learned while working at MediaMax Online that to succeed on the web your company needs to be a bridge. Be neither the creator nor the receiver, be what connects the creator and the receiver. It’s profoundly simple to understand. I am passionate about Whadif because it is not just a bridge, it is an airport. Whadif is connecting brands with data, data with content, users with brands, and so on. This marriage of Big Data and Big Creative will change the creative process.

I only truly enjoy work that is meaningful. And our work means a lot to my industry. Clients will no longer be worried that their content will not connect because we have the data to prove it will connect. Creatives will be rewarded for great ideas even if their idea is not the final piece of content. Everyone wins. And that’s why I am proud, nay elated, to call myself a Whadifer.

Every scene should be able to answer three questions: “Who wants what from whom? What happens if they don’t get it? Why now?”

David Mamet


Wanna make a SICK EDIT?! It’s funny because it’s true :)


How Whadif Works

From start to finish, our projects follow the traditional 4 step creative process (Idea, Story Board, Rough Cut, Final Production), but with a twist.

Each phase is broken out as its own individual project. Everyone gets a chance to submit in each phase, which means an equal chance to bring home an award! You don’t need to submit to each phase to win in another.


Not that we don’t think you are brilliant but we are entering a new era of marketing where we can test the heck out of everything. That’s exactly what we are applying to the video process.

At the end of each phase, we will run a series of qualitative tests to see which idea resonates the most with the client’s target audience (We won’t show My Little Pony concepts to retired army veterans). The viewers (not the client) will decide which ideas move onto the next phase.

Winning Ideas

We notify the winners and send instructions to receive the awards. The winning submissions will be posted back on the project page for everyone to enter into the next phase of the project.

Note: The top winner of both the Idea and Story Board phase will receive an additional bonus.

So, let’s break it down.

The first thing we do is meet with the client to develop a strategy that fits in line with their project goals. Out of this meeting derives a project brief, goals and objectives, and any marketing materials needed. As with any project of this nature, please make sure you read these materials in order to make sure your concept is in line with the clients objectives. Concepts that do not fit the clients objectives will not make it to the next phase.

Step One: Idea Phase

We start out with the Idea Phase. We’re looking for a brilliant concept for a video that captures the clients goals and resonates with their target audience in 256 characters or less. You must be able to explain your concept in a simple and clear manner.

Concept Testing…

Step Two: Story Boards

The top performing ideas are posted back on the project page for your submission. You can submit a story board based upon a winning idea. We ask you to submit 6 visual panels (min. 800px by 450px, 16:9 ratio) accompanied by a description outlining the action and an area for the voice/dialogue.

Going Rogue

If you really feel that you have a killer concept not on the list you can try and submit a renegade board - based upon your own idea!

Story Board Testing…

Step There: Rough Cut

Pick a winning story board and create your video. You want to make sure the viewers will be able to judge your rough cut for its merits - story, characters, clever dialogue, compelling action.

Rough Cut Testing…

Step Four: Final Production

If you win a Rough Cut award, you’ll be asked to finish your spot for the Final Production Phase. This is the only phase that requires you win a previous phase to enter. We test the final productions and the winners receive an additional award!

These videos go to the client so they can show the world your amazing work. Cue the fame and fortune!

If you have any questions about the way we work, reach out to us! You can contact our Community Director Amanda at amanda@whadif.com. Sign up today to receive our next project update!

Folks, we had a wonderful turnout for our very first Whadif project for NAPA Auto Parts. We received a flood of wonderful concepts and left it up to our objective testing to find out which ideas performed the best. Remember, we test with our client’s target audience to find out which ideas resonate the most with them.

As we run through more projects, we’ll learn more about what works best in each phase and what techniques you can employ to have a better chance at submitting a winner! 

This round, we did find that the winning concepts all effectively established the scene at the beginning, clearly communicated the main idea and then closed with an understandable pay-off.

Overall, the winners in this project struck a more emotional chord with the audience. Our top ten covered topics like family, homecoming, little girls and their dads - lots of tear jerkers. And all are easy to understand.

If you won in the idea phase, congratulations! And if you didn’t, remember: sometimes, a good idea can get lost in testing because the concept is harder for people who don’t work in this business to understand. Think your idea was overlooked in testing? Resubmit it as a Renegade Story Board in the next phase for your chance to win one of our $2000 awards!

We’re extending the Mt. Pleasant idea phase until Wednesday, April 9th! There’s still time to show your creativity (and how much you care) with just 256 characters. Submit today at http://whadif.com/Mt-Pleasant/. Happy concepting!

There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.

Frank Capra

Today’s the last day to submit your ideas for our NAPA project. Why not head over and see if you can come up with a winning idea? Ten ideas take home $300 each. We’d love to see what you’ve got!

Have you checked out Whadif’s next project? We’re getting together with artists like you and animal lovers all over the country to create a sweet 1 minute video about Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter’s new Pet Concierge program. They’re finding homes for dogs and puppies everyday, and we want to help them tell their story!

We need your creativity to bring Mt. Pleasant’s work to life. What kind of dogs will be in the video? What kinds of people? How will they show how great Mt. Pleasant is?

Visit the project page to read up on MPAS and submit your best ideas today! The idea phase closes on April 4th, so let’s get started.



A hand-lettered list of advice on breaking through your creative block from artist and writer Debbie Millman.

We love these 10 tips to beat a creative block. Helpful for anyone trying to come up with an idea or two!

(via creativemornings)

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